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Pens are integral to office life and efficiency; you always notice when your short of a pen! Thankfully Cromwell stock a wide range of pens, from ball points and felt tips, to permanent markers, so you're supply cupboard need never run short again. With well-known brands in the office and stationery sector, like Pentel®, Staedtler®, Edding®, BiC®, Pilot®, Sharpie® and Paper Mate®; you'll be assured or quality products at affordable prices.

What are pens?

Pens are a writing utensil that utilises ink fed through a nib to mark paper, as well as other materials and surfaces. They come in a variety of sizes, types, and colours, each designed for a specific application.

Why pens?

Pens are a quick and easy way to mark paper, they offer more permanence than pencils, making writing both comfortable for the user and clear for the reader. Their choice of colours also allows for highlighting key points within the written text making them stand out.

Types of pens

Ballpoint - Probably the most common type of pen available, the pall point typically features a ball shaped nib and an oil-based ink that dries fast for less smudging. This thicker ink usually means that a ball point last longer than most other types of pens. The thicker ink does occasionally lead to clumping meaning the user has to apply more pressure, so for long writing they are a little more strenuous to use.

Rollerball - These are very similar to the ballpoint, but instead of an oil-based ink they use a water-based ink. This gives them a better flow and feel when used in writing at length. Another advantage is that thanks to water soluble dyes, they can be produced in a wider range of colours.

Gel - These combine the best of the ballpoint and the rollerball. The water-based gel ink features the consistency of an oil-based ink which allows for less smudging whilst still being able to flow freely. Much like rollerballs they are available in a variety of colours.

Markers - Marker pens are a type of felt-tip pen that use permanent and non-permanent ink. They can utilise different inks with water-based ink being used for paper and oil and alcohol-based inks being used for materials like plastic, metal and glass.

Considerations when choosing a pen

Surface being marked - Whilst many pans can mark paper or card, there are a couple of types that can be used for marking surfaces like plastic, which regular ball points struggle to do.

User comfort - Whilst standard ball points are a good general use pen, writing reams with them can cause wrist strain due to the thickness of the ink and the pressure needed to maintain the flow. Rollerballs use a water-based ink for better flow and allow for a smoother writing experience.

Permanent or non-permanent ink - This generally applies to marker pens. Permanent ink is precisely that, permanent, the only way to remove it is with a lot of elbow grease and alcohol cleaners. Great if you don't intend to re-label things in the future, not so great if you do.


What are the advantages of pens over pencils?

Pens offer clearer sharper lines and with better adhesion to paper, making it less likely to wear off. They create consistent, even lines and don't require sharpening.
Can pens dry out?

Yes, they can, if the tip is left exposed for too long without coverage, then the ink will start to dry and this can clog the flow of ink to the nib. This is particularly true of ballpoint pens.