Back Support

For comfortable lumbar support, browse our selection of back support belts online at Cromwell. We offer belts in a range of materials in inclusive sizes to suit everyone. Choose from well-known brands, including Portwest® and Impacto Protective Products Inc®.

What are back support belts?

Also known as lumbar support belts, these adjustable products are designed to support the back to reduce existing back pain and help to improve the posture of the wearer.

Why buy back support belts?

If you already have a weak back from a previous injury or struggle during manual lifting, a back support belt will provide joint and muscle support to the lower back during physical activity. When lifting heavy equipment, good lumbar support can help to prevent injury, so its an important safety consideration for employees who regularly carry out heavy labour.

When are back support belts used?

Used regularly by manual labour workers, back support belts help to prevent injury when lifting and carrying heavy or awkwardly shaped items. They can also be used to offer short-term support and pain relief after an injury; however, heavy lifting should be avoided if a spinal injury has occurred.

Back support belt types

Types of support belts vary and can be applied according to the need of the user. All lumbar support belts help to warm the muscles and reduce tension, while the more rigid variants shift the weight and pressure away from weakened or injured backs and protect the spine against painful jarring motions.

Rigid back support belt   -   These feature rigid, hard plastic panels on the front and back of the torso to limit movement and protect the spine.

Semi-rigid back support belt   -   This type of back support will incorporate both rigid support and flexible padding to provide support and stability, but still allow for movement.

Flexible back support belt   -   This type of belt supports using padding to stabilise the spine and help to engage the pectoral muscles.

Considerations when choosing a back support belt

Waist size - this is an important measurement when choosing a back support belt. Choose a belt that details a waist size measurement, for example 36 inches - 38 inches, as opposed to just a small, medium, or large sizing option to ensure the best fit.

Material - choose a breathable and washable material for your back support belt to ensure longevity and value for money.

Closure type - Typically, support belts utilise hook and loop closures to avoid any discomfort from plastic clips against the skin. Ensure the belt you choose is easy to adjust and close to ensure the best fit for your body shape.


How long should you wear a back support belt?

To offer support after an injury or long-term condition, a support belt can be worn for a maximum of four days. If the symptoms persist, ask for a GP to refer you for physiotherapy for a long-term fix.

Should a back support belt be tight?

When fitting a back support belt, it should be tight enough to support the joints, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable. You should still be able to do your day-to-day tasks without being inhibited by the belt.

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