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Grip It® Oil Thermal Gloves

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The Grip It® Oil Therm safety gloves from Polyco® utilise two layers of nitrile coating to provide the ultimate protection and gripping ability. The first layer has a waterproof coating and is soft and resilient to allow for excellent dexterity. The second layer is a palm coating, infused with microfoam bubbles that are resistant to oils and maximise grip in wet and oily conditions. The contoured design and soft, comfortable thermal liner offer unparalleled comfort.

Features and Benefits
• Dual nitrile layers offer unmatched abrasion protection and gripping ability
• Outstanding abrasion protection, ensuring durability and an extended lifespan for reliable performance in challenging environments
• The fleecy liner not only delivers exceptional warmth but also ensures unparalleled comfort during use
• The high-visibility colour enhances visual awareness, ensuring optimal safety even in low-light conditions
• SilverClear® Antimicrobial Shield: Formulated from silver, these gloves inhibit bacterial, fungal, and viral growth. The SilverClear® additive safeguards against microbial growth, mould, and bad odours, preventing premature material degradation and discolouration for long-lasting wear

Typical Applications
• Automotive
• Engineering
• Machinery
• Garages
• General industrial environments

• EN388:2016
• EN511:2006 0.3.X.