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Alphamesh Valved Respirators, Colour Coded

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The alphamesh A-Series respiratory masks are the first vertical fold style of disposable respirators to feature the alphamesh shell, preformed nosebridge and be completely metal-free. Colour coded to aid selection, this unique design offers improved comfort and fit with the retention of shape even in extreme conditions. Alphamesh shell supports the filter media, maintains shape and prevents collapse onto the face. Noseclip-free, preformed nosebridge, provides comfortable fit eliminating the need for regular adjustment
Utilising the latest filter technology, promotes low. Wide, continuous loop headstrap, effectively distributes the tension to avoid any 'tight spots'. Adjustable clipped headstrap - enhances good fit and allows respirator to drop away from face when not in use. Approved to EN149:2001 - including the requirements of the 120mg loading test. Low profile valve - aids field of vision and reduces heat and moisture build up within the respirator. Compatible with a wide range of other Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Completely metal-free, suitable for food industry applications. Colour coded for ease of identification, white FFP1, blue FFP2, grey FFP2 with charcoal and Orange FFP3
Supplied in packs of 20.