Face Coverings

Our face coverings are designed specifically for social distancing and infection control. Unlike disposable masks, they can be washed or reused after wearing, making it a more cost-effective investment, whilst being more sustainable for the environment. We are proud to sell a variety of face coverings brands including Pulsar® and Orn®.

What are face coverings?

Face coverings are items that safely cover the nose and mouth, offering a protective barrier helping to prevent the spread of any air impurities. When being in potentially hazardous conditions, they help keep the air you breathe cleaner and safer.

Why face coverings?

Face coverings are used to help stop the spreading of infections and are primarily worn to protect others because they cover the nose and the mouth, also providing some protection to the wearer. Our face coverings are designed to target reduction of bacteria by more than 90%.

When are reusable face masks used?

Face coverings can be used to provide extra protection in crowded and enclosed spaces, where you may encounter people that you do not normally meet. Face coverings are not PPE or medical devices and are much better for everyday use.

Considerations when choosing a face covering

• Material - a tight weave is normally the best option, and Cromwell have a choice of 3 different types of material for your face covering. These include polyester, spandex and single knit fabric.

• Ply - choose from either 1 or 2 ply face coverings (2 ply adds that extra protection).

• Colour - there are a variety of colours to choose from including white, ash grey, blush and navy.


Are face coverings mandatory?

In England, face coverings are no longer required by law. There are different rules across other areas of the UK which can be found online.

Can face coverings be reused?

Fabric face coverings are designed so that they can be washed in line with the manufacturer's instructions at the highest temperature appropriate for the fabric, therefore can be reused unless it has become damaged.