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Keeping body temperatures at a safe level is essential when working in cold environments, which is why Cromwell help keep your business running by stocking a selection of comfortable fleeces. You can wear them alone or with a work jacket as an additional layer. Some of the well-known brands we feature include Regatta®, The North Face®, Portwest® and Berghaus®.

What are fleeces?

Fleeces are items of workwear that will provide essential warmth when the working conditions are colder. Due to their thickness, they help keep you warm while working, enhancing their thermal superiority.

Why fleeces?

The main advantage of wearing a fleece is that it traps body heat and keeps you warm. Dependant on the material, fleeces can be extremely durable and moisture resistant. They are soft to the touch but provide a breathable material making it perfect for winter outwear. Fleeces are also a lot easier to clean compared to the traditional winter jackets and sweaters.

When are fleeces used?

Due to it's ability to retain heat, fleeces are a perfect workwear and uniform addition for the colder months, for anyone who works outdoors for longer periods but are also popular with walkers, climbers, cyclists amongst many others.

Fleece material types

There are many types of fleece materials, but we stock the most commons ones used in a workplace environment.

Polyester    -   A synthetic man made material with a low tendency to absorb water.

Acyrlic   -   Made from polymer which is a strong and warm material, with excellent heat-retention properties. It is known to be one of the warmest synthetic materials in existence.

Cotton   -   Soft fabric and light to wear in hotter weather, making it more breathable.

Considerations when choosing fleeces

Fitting - Men, women and unisex fleeces are designed to fit different body shapes.
Features - fleeces can be lightweight or reflective or have zip necks.
Colour - specific fleeces may only be available in certain colours, but the most common is blue/black.
Size - our sizes range from XS to 3XL.


Do fleeces shrink in the wash?

Generally, polyester fleece fabrics will not shrink in the washer or dryer. In the case of fleece made from cotton, you may experience some shrinkage if you wash and dry it using heat.

How long do fleeces last?

Always read the laundry care label to make sure you are following the proper care instructions to ensure your fleeces last if possible. Be careful not to wash your items too frequently, only wash when necessary to keep them soft and fluffy.