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Ninja Lite­™ PU Coated Gloves, Mechanical Hazard, Blue/Black

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Ninja Lite­™ Polyurethane palm coated multi-purpose gloves are constructed with a lightweight, extra soft, super fine 18 gauge seamless nylon liner.

Features and Benefits
• Ultra lightweight providing maximum flexibility and movement
• Equips wearers with a secure grip in damp, dry or light oily environments
• Both palm and back breathability to skin irritation and reduce perspiration
• Sanitized® antimicrobial finish and lint-free construction provide extra freshness and reduce the risk of product contamination

Typical Applications
• Construction
• Electronics
• Optics

Standards Met
• EN388:2003
• EN388:2016

• Not for use with liquids
• Do not use near moving machines if there is a risk of entanglement