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Safety Shoes

Equip your staff with reliable foot protection using our wide selection of Safety Shoes for Men and Women. Our safety footwear range offers various styles and safety ratings, ensuring superior protection against slips, cuts, and impact hazards to keep your team safe.

At Cromwell, we've curated an extensive collection of safety shoes from leading brands like Cofra®, V12 Footwear®, and Ejendals® and our own Halo safety range with metatarsal protection.

Understanding Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes provide comprehensive foot protection with safety toecaps and mid-sole protection, offering a comfortable and ergonomic alternative to safety boots, particularly for those who find boots uncomfortable or trainers too casual.

Why Choose Safety Shoes?

Safety Shoes are designed to meet safety regulations and provide optimal protection without compromising on style. Modern designs, such as those by Uvex®, offer excellent protection while complementing professional attire.

Applications of Safety Shoes

In workplaces where risks are identified, safety footwear is essential for compliance with safety regulations. Safety Shoes protect against potential falling and crushing hazards, providing peace of mind in hazardous environments.

Types of Safety Shoes

Safety Shoes are categorised according to safety ratings (S ratings) outlined in EN ISO 20345 standards, with additional slip-resistance ratings (SRA, SRB, SRC) indicating performance on different surfaces.

Considerations When Choosing Safety Shoes

Factors to consider include fitting, upper materials, insole design, mid-sole composition, sole features, heel and toe fit, weight, and comfort properties to ensure optimal protection and wearer comfort.

Safety Shoe Jargon Buster

Understanding safety standards like EN 12568:2010 for safety toecaps ensures informed decision-making when selecting safety footwear.


Can you be exempt from wearing safety shoes?
No, if safety risks are identified, employers must provide suitable safety shoes, and employees must wear them.

Are safety shoes bad for feet? When fitted correctly, safety shoes offer protection and support without causing harm. Poorly fitted shoes can cause discomfort, but correctly fitted ones prevent injuries.