We have a selection of work shorts available for those that need a comfortable, durable, and professional look. You can choose from leading brands such as Portwest® and Beeswift®, who make shorts that are designed to cope with the same demanding work environments as work trousers.

What are work shorts?

Work shorts are comfortable and stylish, often coming with multiple pockets so that users can keep their tools easily accessible and retrievable. They can allow you stay cooler on the hotter days, whilst retaining the same useful features that work trousers have. Many different tradespeople wear work shorts for their work, including carpenters, mechanics, yard labourers, warehouse workers, and more. Work shorts can also be found in construction, transportation, and warehouse industries.

Why buy work shorts?

In addition to being comfortable and safe, work shorts can help improve performance and increase productivity with the ability to allow the user to move more freely. It is especially beneficial to buy work shorts during the summer, where wearing trousers can be restricting and uncomfortable. Some shorts even come with added protection such as knee pads or reinforced areas like the seams, which may be essential for certain trades.

Work short types

Carpenter shorts   -    It is better to wear carpenter shorts if you need tool loops and tool bands. There are usually small utility pockets down one leg of carpenter shorts.

Cargo shorts   -   Cargo shorts usually come in a variety of materials, and provide plenty of storage so that you can store any essentials you need to perform your job effectively.


Can I wear work shorts on a construction site?

If the construction site's clothing policy prohibits them, shorts will not be allowed to be worn. It is important to wear clothing that protects against hazards on the job site. Therefore, some trades may be required to wear full clothing to protect their skin from other injuries such as cuts, grazes and splinters.

Do work shorts come with elasticated waists?

A lot of cargo shorts have part elasticated waist bands for additional comfort and fit.