Sweatshirts are perfect for off-site meetings or busy days in the office, when you want to feel comfortable, confident, and professional in workwear versatile to wear on any occasion. Cromwell stock sweatshirts in a wide range of styles, fabrics, and colors to suit every body type and need, from popular brands, including Uneek®, Kustom Kit®, and Portwest®.

Why sweatshirts?

Whilst improving productivity and well-being, using sweatshirts can give a consistent professional image, alongside helping the user to stay warm in colder work environments. It is a great addition to your standard workwear, as they can add extra comfort with different collar styles to pick from.

Sweater types

Different types of sweatshirts are available that are comfortable to wear, warm on cold days, and look professional.
Crew Neck Sweatshirt    -    a more relaxed sweatshirt, characterised by a round neckline and no collar,

Hooded Sweatshirt   -   also known as a hoodie,

V-Neck Sweater   -   a formal version of the sweatshirt, it is a v-neck top in sweatshirt fabric with a more relaxed fit.

Flame Retardant Sweatshirt   -    Jumpers that are flame-resistant are recommended for workers who work near heat sources, sparks, or flames. Unlike regular sweatshirts, flame retardant sweatshirts are made of a specially coated material that delays the spread of flames.


Can I wear sweatshirts on in the winter?

Sweatshirts can be worn in winter, and one of the best options is to wear a hooded sweatshirt to keep your head and ears warm. Opt for thicker fabric to provide extra warmth.