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Thermal Tshirt

12 Variations

Experience optimal warmth and breathability with the long-sleeve baselayer t-shirt. Designed for versatility, it offers the perfect balance for varied conditions. The round neck cut makes it an ideal under-garment, catering to diverse preferences. Crafted from 100% Wicking Polyester, it actively draws moisture away, ensuring coolness and comfort during exertion. Suitable for all activity levels, it serves as an extra thermal layer for cold work environments or enhances sports performance as a technical garment. Whether braving challenging work conditions or seeking comfort in sports, this baselayer adapts to provide the wearer with the ideal combination of warmth, breathability, and functionality.

Features and Benefits
• Insulation and thermal protection for comfort in varied conditions
• Designed with a comfortable fit for ease of wear
• Round neck and long sleeves for versatile styling
• Available in a range of corporate-friendly colors
• Offers size options up to 5XL for inclusive sizing