Welding Goggles

For essential protection against ultraviolet radiation, sparks and debris, we stock a wide selection of welding goggles from well-known brands, like Honeywell North® and SWP®.

What are welding goggles?

Welding goggles feature specialised tinted lenses that protect the corneas against the extreme heat and ultraviolet light produced during welding applications. The goggle frames protect the eyes from dust, fumes and metal projectiles and come in a range of designs, including flip-up lenses, mono-goggles and panoramic shapes.

Why welding goggles?

During their working life welders are exposed to high levels of non-ionizing radiation in the form of ultraviolet and infrared light. When eyes go unprotected, abnormalities such as photophthalmia can develop in the eyes, which negatively impacts vision, and in some cases can lead to blindness.

The risk of splatter and projectiles made up of metal fragments also frequently occurs in welding applications. The main reason for sick leave in the welding industry is eye injuries, which could be prevented by using the correct PPE equipment, i.e., welding goggles and a welding helmet.

Considerations when choosing welding goggles

• Welding application - check the lens shade number to ensure the goggles will effectively protect against the hazards you're facing.

• Fit - a good pair of welding goggles should feature an adjustable head strap to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

• Other PPE - welders' goggles can be worn under a welding helmet. Ensure the one's you choose can fit under your helmet.

Welding goggle jargon buster

We want to help you find just the welding goggles you want, so we've broken down and explained a key safety standard so you can choose the right product for you.

What does the eye protection standard BS EN 175:1997 mean?

BS EN 175:1997 outlines the safety characteristics testing methods for PPE used to protect the eyes against harmful radiation produced in welding, cutting and other similar applications.

Let's break it down...

• BS - This identifies the British Standards Institution and is an applicable standard in Britain

• EN - This is a current European standard

• 175 - This is the assigned legislation number

• 1997 - This is the year the safety standard was updated


Can you weld with welding goggles?

While welding goggles are designed to protect the eyes against a range of hazards associated with welding, including intense heat and debris, they do only protect the eyes and leave the rest of the face unprotected. For optimum safety, we recommend that a welding helmet is worn as well.

Are welding goggles safe?

Welding goggles can be worn alone for some welding applications and under a welding helmet to enhance safety. However, they should never be used alone for arc or gas welding as this requires protection to the face in the form of a welding helmet.