Wrist Straps

Wrist supports are a common way to help reduce recovery time, strengthen or even help prevent an injury. Cromwell stock a range of wrist supports in various sizes, from brands like Impacto protective products.

What are wrist supports?

Wrist supports come in many different types, suitable for a range of different applications. Typically, they are made out of a soft supportive material like neoprene and provide compression support, whilst allowing the wrist to move naturally.

Why wrist supports?

Manual tasks and operating equipment like computer keyboards and mice can cause conditions like RSI, in most cases wearing a wrist support can help reduce the stress on the wrist, alleviating the symptoms.

When are wrist straps used?

Wrist straps are used to reduce the risk of injury where repetetive strain is a common problem. This is common in warehouses, offices and manufacturing plants.

Types of wrist support

Wrist brace - These cover the writs and the palm/back of the hand leaving the thumb free. They are typically employed to help with conditions such as carpal tunnel and minor tweaks and sprains.

Thumb brace - Similar to wrist braces, except these offer more support to the thumb.

Wrist splints - These offer more rigid support to the wrist, and are designed to keep it as stationary as possible. They are often used to help with recovery from more serious injuries.

Wrist sleeves - These offer support exclusively to the wrist joint and are used to help support minor injuries like sprains.

Considerations when choosing wrist supports

The level of support needed - This is the key consideration when choosing a wrist support. For example recovery from a serious injury like a break will require that the th joint moves as little as possible to allow for healing. Using a lighter level of support in this instance will likely re-aggravate the injury.

Wrist strap jargon buster

We want to make it easier for you to shop our range of wrist straps, so we've outlined some key terms to help you browse and buy with confidence.

What is an RSI and how can wrist supports help

RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury and is a common type of injury amongst people who perform the same task for long hours everyday. Wrist straps help relieve some of the pain of RSI by taking pressure of the affected area and providing additional support.


Can wrist supports be washed?

Yes, however in the case of braces, ensure to remove the post as this could cause damage to the post and the washing machine.

How long should I wear a wrist support?

In the case of carpal tunnel an average of 4-8 weeks is usually sufficient, or until the symptoms are gone. In the case of other injuries it is advisable to get advice from a trained medical practitioner.