Electric chainsaws can save users a huge amount of time and effort when performing a number of otherwise backbreaking tasks. These powerful tools are designed to make general cutting work and tree trimming or felling much easier.

Cromwell stocks a range of professional chainsaws from trusted brands used by tradespeople and hobbyists around the world.

What are chainsaws?

All chainsaws are similar in functionality. Electric chainsaws utilise a robust motor that drives a metal chain around the guide bar. The metal chain contains sharp teeth which rotate around the blade. This chain rotates at a high RPM and can cut into even the toughest of trees.

Although modern chainsaws come with a range of safety features, a chainsaw must only be used with upmost care and attention. Ensure you have appropriate safety equipment before operating.

Why a chainsaw?

Chainsaws are a staple workhorse in DIY, gardening, and woodcutting industries - and for good reason. Tasks that would otherwise take hours to complete take seconds with the right chainsaw. What's more, if you utilise a good technique and follow safety guidelines, they're safe to use too.

When are chainsaws used?

A powerful and adaptable garden ally, chainsaws are adept at taking the hard work out of garden maintenance. Common uses for chainsaws include:

• Pruning
• Cutting
• Tree felling
• Garden maintainance
• Cutting logs for winter
• Other general maintenance tasks

Types of chainsaw

Whilst all chainsaws have the same basic design, there are a few different configurations - each with their own strengths and drawbacks. Here are the key decisions you will have to make when buying a chainsaw:

• Corded vs. cordless - Electric chainsaws come in two main configurations - corded or cordless. Corded chainsaws are more powerful but require a heavy-duty power source nearby - something not easily achieved in large gardens or worksites. Cordless electric chainsaws boast superb mobility and manoeuvrability, however they do sacrifice on power.

• Power output - Depending on what you use your chainsaw for, a different power rating may be required:
18V - Suitable for smaller general use tasks, such as trimming and pruning.
54V - 54V chainsaws are more powerful and can be used for chopping larger logs.
If you're looking for an expert opinion when buying the right chainsaw for your needs, feel free to ask our experts for personalised and professional advice.

Considerations when choosing a chainsaw

When purchasing a chainsaw, there are a few other key considerations to keep in mind:

• Blade length - Longer chainsaw blades are capable of cutting faster and further into logs and trees. They also have a slightly longer reach which may be helpful for pruning tasks.

• Maintenance - In order to keep chainsaws working efficiently, they must be oiled and cleaned regularly. Many chainsaws come with an automatic oiling feature which reduces the time needed to maintain your chainsaw.

• Speed - Some chainsaws come with variable speed triggers which can help prevent dangerous chainsaw pull when starting up. This also helps users be more precise in their usage.


Why chainsaw cuts crooked?
Chainsaws may cut crooked due to uneven top plates. This happens after excessive use when the teeth on the chain become worn and uneven. If this happens, replacement chains are available.

Can chainsaw cut metal?
Technically chainsaws can cut thin metal, but using a chainsaw to cut metal comes with a range of safety hazards making it unwise to do so. Use a specialised metal cutter instead.

Can chainsaw blades be sharpened?
Chainsaw blades can be sharpened multiple times throughout their lifespan. By sharpening their chainsaw blade, users can cut through wood and foliage much faster for longer.