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LCD Heat Gun, 2300W

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The Steinel HG2320E hot air tool has an LCD display which shows temperature in 10°C steps and includes heat build-up warning function and residual-heat indicator.

Features and Benefits
• The heat gun is fitted with a 3m Industrial Rubber cable, making it perfectly equipped for jobs that demand greater freedom of movement
• Temperature can be infinitely varied over a range of 50°C - 650°C at the thumbwheel.
• Airflow can be controlled in 2 stages from 150-500 l/min.
• Integrated thermal cut-out which eliminates the risk of overheating. Its brushless motor is rated for 1,000 hours operation
• Optimised weight balance and ergonomically shaped handle with soft inlay permit fatigue-free work
• Features a non-slip standing surface and hanger and a LOC function that can be used to lock all settings on the tool

Technical Specification:

• Nominal power consumption: 2300 W
• Temperature: 80-650 °C
• With temperature control: Yes
• With temperature indication: Yes
• Air volume: 500 l/min
• Air flow control: Positions
• Weight of machine: 0.755 kg
• Dimensions (l x w x h): 253 x 86.5 x 200 mm
• Voltage: 230 V, 50/60Hz
• Min. frequency: 50 Hz
• Max. frequency: 60 Hz
• Power consumption: 2300 W
• Min. temperature range: 50 °C
• Max. temperature range: 650 °C
• Temperature regulation: Yes
• Temperature setting digitally, infinitely variable by joystick
• Min. airflow rate: 150 l/min
• Max. airflow rate: 500 l/min
• Airflow regulation: Continuously variable
• Number of stages: 2
• Motor: Brush motor
• Motor life: 1000 hrs
• Heating element: Ceramic
• Protection class: (without earth terminal) II
• Thermostat: Yes
• Thermal cut-out: Yes
• Power cord length: 3 m
• Model: Folding box