Hedge Trimmers

Keep hedges looking crisp and tidy with a powered hedge trimmer from Cromwell. We stock a selection of high-quality hedge trimmers from well-known brands like Bosch®, Black & Decker®, Makita® and Ryobi®.

What are hedge trimmers?

A garden power tool, hedge trimmers are also known as a shrub or bush trimmer and are used for trimming and shaping garden hedges to create a neat and attractive finish.

Why buy a hedge trimmer?

Hedges make beautiful living boundaries for our gardens and also provide useful habitat for wildlife. However, to keep them from taking over; hedges must be maintained and kept in shape and hedge trimmers are the quickest and most effective ways to do this.

Hedge trimmer types

Hedge trimmers are available in a range of sizes and types, with compact models used widely in domestic gardens, while large, heavy-duty types are used by professional landscapers and gardeners.

Petrol hedge trimmer   -   These models are powerful and will cut through thick growth quickly and easily. There's no cord to worry about and they allow for long periods of work without the downtime of refuelling. They are one of the heaviest trimmers though and are noisy and smelly thanks to the fumes they give off.

Corded hedge trimmer   -   These are lightweight and quick to start and use. Ideal for smaller gardens, they do need an extension cable or a close power socket, and the mains cable must be kept away from the blades at all times.

Cordless hedge trimmer   -   These trimmers have all the benefits of a corded hedge trimmer without the concern for trailing cables or the need for a close power source. The Li-ion batteries don't add much to the weight and can be left fully charged in storage without the worry of power drain.

Considerations when choosing a hedge trimmer

Hedge size and age - A smaller hedge trimmer will make quick work of smaller hedges made up of younger and thinner growth, but large, mature hedges will require a larger and more powerful model.

Decibels - when working with a large hedge, continuous loud noise can be a problem. Most models will display the decibels on the packaging or datasheet, but you'll find that larger models and petrol mowers will be the loudest.

Weight - Smaller cordless models are the lightest choice of hedge trimmer but aren't always practical for the size of the task. Ensure you can easily lift and handle a trimmer before you buy and consider the length of time you'll be working with it.

Extra features - extra features include rotating handles which are beneficial when working for long periods and on high hedges. For cordless models, a spare battery will reduce downtime when the primary battery runs out of charge. And for all models, a blade tip protector prevents damage to garden structures, such as fences, and protects the blade itself.

Safety features - look for an on/off switch that ensures operator control and make sure there's an automatic cut-out feature.


What should I wear when trimming my hedges?

Safety is extremely important when handling a hedge trimmer. Wear protective equipment such as safety goggles and ear defenders. Gloves are a good option to protect against flying debris, and some heavier models feature a strap to spread the weight and prevent back and shoulder strain.

How do I maintain my trimmer?

There are a number of things you can do to keep your hedge trimmer in top condition:

• Always cover the blades during storage. Most models will come with a blade cover, which should be durable and cover the entire blade surface.

• Lubricate the blades both before and after each use. Some manufacturers recommend particular types of lubricant, but failing that, use machine oil or a lubricant designed specifically for hedge trimmers.

• For hedges with a high resin content, such as a conifer hedge, protect your blade from clogging by using a resin solvent, which can be bought as a combined resin solvent and lubricant if desired.

• For petrol trimmers, always use the manufacturer-recommended mix of petrol and 2-stroke oil to ensure the trimmer runs smoothly.

• For cordless trimmers, always store batteries in a cool location, but never below freezing as this will damage the battery.

• Always clean the blades after use being careful of the blades to avoid injury.

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