Impact Drills

For heavy duty tasks that a conventional or combi drill can't handle, you can always rely on an impact drill. With instant torque and a stronger motor, impact drills are perfect for use where combi drills can't cut it. Cromwell offer a wide range of impact drills from leading brands such as Makita®, DeWalt®, and Bosch®.

What are impact drills?

Impact drills are a type of power drill which offer instant and exceptional torque and have the added effect of including impacts whilst in use. This allows the drills to be used in heavier duty tasks which require impacts or more torque than conventional and combi drills.

When are impact drills used?

Impact drills are used in heavy duty situations where the added torque or impact is required over a conventional or combi drill. They are ideal for hard and heavy repetitive jobs such as hanging drywalls or building decking. The ideal materials for an impact drill are wood, metal, and soft stone.

Considerations when choosing an impact drill

Power rating - The power rating is directly proportional to the power output of the impact drills motor. The higher the power rating, the more powerful the drill is and can be used for heavier duty tasks.

Chuck type - The chuck type is a consideration which aids in the convenience of using the impact drill. Although chucks tend to be keyless, keyed chucks do exist and should be considered for heavy duty application where drill bit slippage may occur.

Supply voltage - The voltage is an important consideration when determining the application of the impact drill in the use environment. 240V drills can be used in domestic settings, whereas 110V should be considered when used on worksites.


Is an impact drill better than a regular drill?

Impact drills are better than regular drills in certain situations. Where high torque and impacts are required often, an impact drill would be more suited. However, for most day to day and lighter duty tasks a conventional or combi drill will suffice with the added benefit of being lightweight.

What's the difference between impact drills and hammer drills?

There are quite a few differences between impact drills and hammer drills, however the most notable differences lie in the uses for the drill. Impact drills are suitable for use on wood, metal, and soft stone. Hammer drills are suitable for use on hard stone types and concrete. Hammer drills often use much harder drill bits with a powerful SDS chuck system which offers even further reduced slippage.