Masonry & Concrete Tools

Whether you're building or demolishing masonry and concrete materials, it's important to have the right tools to hand that are designed for heavy duty use. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of masonry and concrete tools from leading brands such as DeWalt®, Milwaukee® and Bosch.

Why masonry and concrete tools?

Whether it be building or demolishing masonry and concrete, masonry and concrete tools are designed to make the handling of materials easier. Suited for reducing user strain, effort and saving time when building or demolishing, masonry and concrete tools make easy work of manipulating robust and heavy duty materials in a safe manner.

Masonry and concrete tool types

There are multiple types of masonry and concrete tools, all with slightly different purposes. Below, we've outlined the main three and explained their uses and applications, making it easier for you to make an informed purchasing decision.

Demolition hammers   -   Also referred to as demolition breakers or concrete breakers, demolition hammers are a power tool that is designed specifically for delivering impact that shatters and breaks up bits of concrete or masonry. They are extremely robust and powerful, manufactured for punishing use.

Cement mixers   -   Designed for mixing cement, aggregate and water together, cement mixers are an easy and convenient way of making cement by churning the materials together in a revolving drum, powered by electric. Cement is then used as a binding agent in construction to essentially attach pieces of masonry together.

Paddle mixers   -   Making for quick and easy mixing of substances such as paints, plaster or binding substrates, paddle mixers are a type of power tool with a long shafted spindle mixer attached that features a twisted end, designed specifically for creating a lump free mixture.


Do I need to wear PPE when using masonry and concrete tools?

It's always advisable that when handling power tools and working with heavy duty materials such as masonry and concrete, the correct PPE is worn to protect your vulnerable areas. This may be in the form of safety goggles or safety glasses, gloves, safety helmets or bump caps as well as safety footwear to protect toes.

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