Staple Guns

With big names including brands like DeWalt, the Cromwell range of staple guns is sure to provide you with the right tooling solution.

What are staple guns?

Simply put staple guns are power tools designed to drive staples into materials. Much like their distant cousin the nail gun they can be manual, pneumatic and electrically powered. They are commonly used in applications that are more delicate than would require a nail gun such as fastening upholstery to furnishings.

Why staple guns?

Staple guns are the easy way to drive staples into materials like wood. They offer greater power and precision than driving the staple manually and can be used in a range of applications.

Types of staple guns?

• Manual - These are commonly used in domestic and commercial office settings to drive small staples into items like display boarding.

• Electrical - These types of staple guns deliver power either an electrical cord or a battery and offer more power and precision, allowing you to work faster. Cordless versions are ideal for working outdoors where access to a power point is limited.

• Pneumatic - These types of staple guns offer high power and efficiency. They are mostly used by professionals to lay flooring or staple panelling. They are lightweight but aren't as portable due to their need to be connected to a compressor.

Considerations when choosing a staple gun

• Space - The space involved in the working environment is a key consideration. Manual and electrical staple guns fair better in tight spaces, but sacrifice power. Pneumatic guns have the benefit of being powerful but don't fair well in terms of mobility.

• Cord vs cordless? - This is mostly determined by the environment being worked in. Domestic indoor use with access to power outlets can benefit from corded models, whereas for larger spaces and outdoor environments a battery powered version might fair better.

• Types of staples used - There are a wide range of staples designed for a range of different applications. Selecting the right staple for the type of gun is highly important.


What safety precautions should I take when using a staple gun?

As a rule, PPE including penetration resistant gloves and eye protection. When using a pneumatic gun ear protection should be worn too as these can tend to be loud. When carrying avoid holding the gun with your finger on the trigger and never point the gun at people or pets.