Water Pumps

Water pumps are used in to drain or pump water in both commercial and domestic environments. Used for a wide range of purposes from draining flood water to creating water features. Here at Cromwell, we have a selected range of water pumps to suit your needs from leading brands such as SIP and Kobe.

What are water pumps?

Water pumps are specially designed mechanical pumps that are used to move water from one place to another. They work by drawing the water up into the pump using suction through an inlet point, which has a pressure rate that is lower than the outlet point, this causes an increased water flow that creates a vacuum and high pressure at the outlet point which results in the water to be forced out and moved.

Why water pumps?

Water pumps are capable of pumping, transferring or draining water. They are easily transportable, highly efficient and work fast making them an essential device for raising or circulating water.

When are water pumps used?

Water pumps are used all over the world for a wide variety of purposes:
• Water supply - industrial, agricultural, municipal and residential use.
• Ditches, flooding and excess water.
• Buildings, basements and cellars.
• Reservoir volume management.
• Swimming pools.
• Pond and water features.
• Food and beverage production.
• Aquariums and fish tanks.
• Energy ,oil and power plants.
• Sewage processing plants, dirty water and septic tanks.
• Ventilation, heating, and air conditioning.
• Wells.
• Fire protection systems.

Water pump types

There is a range of different water pump types that have each been design for use for specific environments and purposes:
Submersible water pumps   -   Also known as an electric submersible pump, which has been designed to allow it to be fully immersed in the liquid it is pumping. Ideal for a wide range of applications (sewage pumping, drainage and flooding).
Centrifugal water pumps   -   Uses a rotating impeller to move water. They are commonly used to move large volumes of water, but the flow rate can vary.
Positive displacement water pumps   -   Uses pressure to discharge the water and the flow rate remains constant. They are most often used in difficult conditions.
Petrol water pumps   -   Suitable for draining flooded or waterlogged areas.
Dirty water pumps   -   Ideal for pumping water that may contain solid particles.

Considerations when choosing a water pump

Maximum flow rate (L/min)   -   All water pumps have a maximum flow rate volume that they are able to work, which is typically measured in L/min (litres per minute) this should be considered at selection.
Type of water   -   Consideration should be given to the type of water, is it debris free or does it contain solid matter? Is the water dirty, foul or clean? as the condition of the water with impact the suitability of which type of water pump that can be used.
Accessories   -   Does the water pump inlet and outlet points require any additional accessories to operate such as a hose or pipework?


How much of a submergible pump goes under water?

The whole device. The purpose of a submergible pump is to be fully immersed in fluid, which includes the motor which is fixed part of the pump body.