Cones are an essential item of safety equipment that are designed to be used as a traffic management or safety solution that alerts to dangers and warns of hazards in a wide range of environments. Here at Cromwell, we have a variety of cones available in a range of heights and colours from leading brands such as JSP and Moravia.

What are cones?

The free standing cone shape design is typically made with a highly robust material with a hexagonal base for high stability and can be weighted to ensure it remains in position and can endure all weather conditions. The single piece moulded cone is designed to be extremely reflective and highly visible in all types of light to effortlessly alert to danger and manage safety hazards. Cones are traditionally coloured red or orange, with reflective white strips, but also available in yellow with a variety of sleeves that display symbols, legends or signs to suit your needs.

Cones are made from a variety of extremely resilient materials that can be used both indoors and outdoors:

Why cones?

Cones are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes in a wide range of environments. Due to their free standing design, they are easily stacked and highly portable. Most commonly used outdoors as traffic cones on highways to alert to dangers on roads or to warn of hazards such as to road works, redirected traffic or prohibit access. Cones are also used in pedestrian areas as a safety management solution: to manage crowd control, to warn of hazards and danger on footpaths, restrict access, or divert footfall. Cones are also widely used in indoor settings, designed to also be highly portable, self-supporting, lightweight, highly visible and made from a variety of materials.

When are cones used?

•Hazards and dangerous environments
•Traffic management and control
• Road safety
• Contractors
• Indoors and outdoors
• Construction sites
• Warehouses
• Factories
• Industrial
• Car parks
• Forecourts
• Distribution centres

Types of cones?

Cones most commonly known as traffic cones, but are also known as road cones, highway cones, pylons, construction cones, witches hats or channelling devices and are available in a variety of different heights ranging from 50mm to 1000mm and available in red, yellow and orange.

Considerations when choosing a cone?

Impact- selection of material is vital to the impact-resistance it can tolerate.
Colour - the colour of the cone indicates the alert type: hazard (yellow) danger (red or orange).
Surface - consider the surface you will be using the cone on; uneven surfaces may require a heavier sand weighted base to remain in place.


Do I need special cleaning products to maintain and clean cones ?
No special cleaning product is necessary to clean cones, it is recommended to simply use warm soapy water and allow it to air dry.