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First Aid Kits

First aid kits are an essential and often legally required piece of equipment for every workplace. They are also ideal for use in a domestic setting or when travelling. The kits contain a comprehensive range of first aid appliances, supplied in durable boxes to keep the contents secure. Here at Cromwell, we offer a range of first aid kits from Medikit®, Reliance Medical® and Tuffsafe®.

What are first aid kits?

First aid kits are tough boxes with a variety of medical appliances in such as plasters, bandages, disposable gloves, cleansing wipes and more. They are ideal for treating minor injuries wherever they may occur.

Why first aid kits?

First aid kits are an essential piece of equipment in any environment. They help to treat injuries when they have just happened, which is a crucial time in such a situation. They have comprehensive contents, meaning that most minor injuries that happen in the workplace can be effectively treated by a first aid kit. A first aid kit means that all the important treatments for minor injuries are in one place, ensuring that they are treated quickly, when time is of the essence. With the layouts of first aid kits being ideal for a wide variety of treatments, they are easily replaceable, and therefore first aid kits have extremely long product lifespans.

First aid kit types

First aid kits have a number of different types. They are all suited for different purposes depending on the use requirement.

Lone Worker Kit   -   Lone worker first aid kits specialise in featuring treatments which can be self-applied, for people who work alone such as drivers. They are often small, ensuring they can fit in vehicles easily.

Standard 10/20/30 Person Kits   -   Certain kits vary in size depending on the amount of people it may need to serve. For example, a small business with only 10 employees may not need to house a huge kit with an array of dressings, whereas a larger workplace with 60 employees may need more stock and a larger box. Ensure to get the correct size for your business.

Burns Kit   -   Burns require a number of different treatments in order to properly address, and therefore we offer specific kits solely for treating the effects of burns. They feature items which dress, soothe and moisturise the burn, helping the injury to be treated and healed more quickly.

Rescue Kit   -   Rescue kits are ideal for use in rescue situations, when things may need to be cut through in order to rescue the person. They are designed for use by police officers, in workshops, warehouses and by the military services.

Considerations when choosing a first aid kit

• Intended use - Think about what injuries you want to be able to treat with the first aid kit. Burns kits may be ideal for burn victims, but for other minor injuries such as sprains or abrasions, they may not have the necessary treatments.

• Location - Consider where the first aid kit will be stored. It will need to have a dedicated spot to be stored so that everyone will know where it is at all times. This space needs to have an apt amount of room to store the kit and make it readily accessible.

• Coverage - The first aid kit will need to have enough variation and supplies within it to treat the amount of people at the workplace. A lone driver may only need a small kit, but a large workplace will need a comprehensive first aid kit with plenty of supplies.


What do most first aid kits treat?

Most standard first aid kits are ideal for treating cuts, grazes, bruises, bites, minor burns and sprains. Some first aid kits specialise in certain injuries, and others feature treatments for more major injuries such as heavy bleeding and head trauma.

How can I refill the first aid kit once I've used all of the contents?

At Cromwell, we offer extensive refill kits for different sizes of kit, meaning you never have to buy a new box again.