Leak Diverters

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What are leak diverters?

Leak diverters are specialised spill containment devices designed to redirect and manage leaks from roofs, ceilings, pipes, and other overhead structures.

Why buy leak diverters?

Leak diverters are installed directly beneath the source of the leak to capture and channel leaking fluids away from sensitive areas.

When are leak diverters used?

They are typically used in industrial, commercial, and institutional settings to prevent water damage and maintain a safe working environment.

Leak diverter types

Different types of leak diverters are available to address various leak scenarios and environments.

Ceiling leak diverters   -   These diverters are specifically designed to capture leaks from ceiling tiles and suspended ceilings. They typically consist of a flexible, waterproof material with built-in grommets or attachment points for easy installation.

Roof leak diverters   -   Roof leak diverters are designed to capture leaks from roofing systems, skylights, and other overhead structures. They are often equipped with drains or hoses to channel captured water to designated collection points or containers.

Pipe leak diverters   -   These diverters are used to capture leaks from pipes, conduits, and ducts located above ceilings or within walls. They are typically installed directly beneath the leaking pipe and may include specialized features to accommodate different pipe diameters and configurations.

Considerations when choosing leak diverters

Size and capacity - Select a leak diverter with a sufficient capacity to capture the expected volume of leaks. Consider the size of the affected area, the flow rate of the leak, and the duration of the leak event when determining the appropriate diverter size.

Material and construction - Choose a leak diverter made from durable, waterproof materials that can withstand exposure to moisture and harsh environmental conditions. Look for diverters with reinforced seams, UV-resistant coatings, and corrosion-resistant hardware for long-term durability.

Installation method - Consider the ease of installation and attachment options when choosing a leak diverter. Look for diverters with built-in grommets, hooks, or straps that facilitate quick and secure attachment to ceilings, beams, or other overhead structures.

Drainage features - Evaluate the drainage capabilities of the leak diverter, particularly if capturing large volumes of water. Look for diverters with integrated drains, hoses, or spouts that facilitate efficient water removal and prevent overflow or pooling.