Platform Steps

Step up to the task and ensure safety is always maintained with platform steps. With our extensive range of platform steps, you'll be sure to find the right product no matter the platform height, treads, or even construction. Cromwell offer a range of platform steps from leading manufacturers such as GPC®, Klime Ezee®, and Bratts Ladders®.

Why platform steps?

Platform steps are an essential tool whether in warehouses, around the office or even in a domestic setting. They excel in rigidity and provide a stable base to stand up on safely when reaching up for heavy objects. They differ from ladders as they can stand up by themselves and offer a flat platform to stand on compared to a singular tread.

Platform step types

All platform steps offer the same benefits and goal of providing a safe platform when reaching heights above the head, however the differences between them are based on their convenience compared to structural rigidity and maximum supported weight. Below show the differences:

Fixed platform steps   -   These types of platform steps are fixed and cannot be folded. This makes them much more heavy duty as all the components are welded into place, offering the most rigidity, stability, and weight capacity, but comes at the cost of not being able to fold into smaller spaces for storage.

Folding platform steps   -   These types of platform steps require less space and can be stored easier due to being able to fold nearly flat. This however comes at the cost of the platform steps not being as sturdy or have the same weight capacity as fixed platform steps. Folding platform steps should be considered more in a domestic setting than an industrial setting.


How do platform steps work?

Platform steps are a self-supporting, portable ladder-like tool which allows the user to reach to heights they normally wouldn't be able to on their own. There are fixed platform steps which are completely welded in shape and offer increased rigidity, stability, and weight capacity. Folding platform steps offer the convenience of folding into shapes that can be easily stored away, trading some rigidity and weight capacity instead.

What's the difference between step ladders and platform steps?

Although the goal of both step ladders and platform steps are the same, the differences come with the size of the steps in platform steps. Platform steps provide larger steps to stand on and offer a solid platform at the top. This allows for more stability and confidence for the user across all the steps, whereas with step ladders, there are shallower steps leading all the way up.