Site Signs

Available with a variety of fixing methods such as self-adhesive, free standing or wall fixed, we supply the right sign for your workspace, making it easy for you to keep your workers safe as well as helping visiting personnel navigate through your workspace. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of site signs from our trusted own brand Sitesafe® as well as national leading brands such as Beaverswood®, Identilabel and Rubbermaid®.

Why site signs?

Site signs are a simple, cost effective and efficient way of ensuring your workplace is safe for employees as well as for visiting personnel. Site signs are an ideal way to create a safety conscious workspace, where employees and employers alike can be clear on the safety requirements and regulations of your workplace. Whether you're looking to warn, prohibit, or highlight mandatory behaviours and crucial emergency information, we have the right site sign for your needs.

Site signs types

Safety site signage can be broken down into 4 main types of signs; Prohibition, Warning, Mandatory and Emergency. The main four are detailed further below with examples of each sign listed to help you better understand and shop our range of site signs.

Prohibition   -   These types of signs are generally used to convey "Do Not" commands, such as "Do Not Smoke Here". Their function is to inform and instruct personnel and to effectively stop dangerous behaviour before it arises. These signs typically are circular in shape, with a red band around the outside and a diagonal red line at a 45° angle running through the white of the circle.

Warning   -   This type of sign is designed specifically to warn personnel of potential dangers or hazards. These typically are yellow in colour, triangular in shape and have a black band around the outside of the sign. An example of this type of signage is a "Danger: High Voltage" sign, or a sign to alert personnel of a "Flammable Storage Unit".

Mandatory   -   Mandatory signage conveys behaviours that must be adhered to or actions that must be followed to keep in line with regulations and safety standards in a workplace. Examples of this are "Personal Protective Equipment Must Be Worn" or "FIRE DOOR KEEP SHUT" signs. These signs tend to be characterised by a blue circle, with any relevant text in blue rectangular boxes below the central blue circle.

Emergency   -   These signs are green in colour with a central rectangle or square conveying the relevant information and are used to highlight information in regards to first aid, emergency exits or escape routes that should be utilised in an emergency situation. Examples of this include "Fire Exit" safety signs or "Emergency Exit" signs.


What do the four colours on safety signs mean?

The colour of each type of sign is an easy way of identifying what the sign is trying to convey. In line with the four types of signs outlined above, the colours help to reiterate the messaging and is designed to be clearly visible. Prohibition signs are red and white and circular in shape with a single 45° angle line diagonally through the circle, Warning signs are yellow and triangular with a black band around them, Mandatory signs are blue and circular, whilst Emergency signs are green and rectangular or square in shape.