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GHS Health Hazard Symbol - Self Adhesive Vinyl

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Meet regulatory compliance effortlessly with Sitesafe's GHS Health Hazard Symbol Label in self-adhesive vinyl, measuring 100mm x 100mm. Designed to adhere to the Globally Harmonized System (GHS) standards for the classification and labeling of chemicals, this label serves as a crucial tool for communicating health hazard information. The self-adhesive vinyl material ensures easy and secure application to various surfaces. Implementing these GHS symbols is essential for maintaining safety standards and providing clear, standardized information regarding chemical hazards in accordance with regulations. Trust Sitesafe for reliable solutions to meet your chemical labeling needs and ensure a safe working environment.

Features and Benefits
• Printed on self-adhesive vinyl, making it easy to apply to a clean dry surface
• Helps your workplace achieve ideal safety standards
• Conforms to BS EN ISO 7010 Regulations, ensuring that all graphical safety symbols are consistent and compliant

Typical applications
• Areas using and storing health hazard materials

• Available individually or as a pack of 10 smaller vinyls