Charging Lockers

Charging lockers (or 'battery banks') are an ideal personal storage solution which can store, secure, and supply power to a wide range of electronic devices and power tool batteries.

Cromwell stocks an extensive range of high-quality charging lockers from our own brand Matlock®, suitable for use across a variety of sectors and workplaces, including in staff rooms, locker rooms, workshops, ICT suites, and much more.

What are charging lockers?

Charging lockers are similar in design and usage to standard personal storage lockers but sacrifice overall space for the ability to recharge electronic devices. They typically offer enough room for one or multiple devices per locker; and feature a handy plug socket (or powered USB port, depending on the type you buy) which can keep devices powered and charged up.

Why a charging locker?

Charging lockers are the perfect solution for those who not only wish to keep their electronic devices secure when not in use, but also fully charged and ready for usage without having to worry about a low battery.

They have the added benefit of removing unsightly and possibly dangerous trailing cables and chargers from open spaces and offering a neat, safe, and secure alternative.

When are charging lockers used?

Charging lockers have a range of benefits across multiple different industries, from staff rooms to busy workshops:

• Workshops - Allows professionals to keep power tool batteries fully charged and ready for usage, eliminating downtime.
• Staff rooms - Allows office staff, teachers, and other workers to keep their phones secure and charged whilst on the job.
• IT suites - Enables IT professionals to keep a range of wireless electronic devices safe and fully powered when not in use.
• Warehouses - Can keep scanners and other important warehouse tech fully charged and ready to use.

Need help choosing for the ideal type of charging lockers for your usage? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer personalised free advice to help you decide.

Charging locker types

Charging lockers come in many sizes, with varying numbers of compartments as well as a differing number of sockets. They usually have either one or two sockets.

Considerations when choosing a charging locker

• Capacity - Ensure your charging locker is large enough to fit the devices you or your staff wish to store before buying.

• Socket type - Most charging lockers feature wall sockets in each locker. This makes them highly adaptable but requires users to provide their own charger.
Some are available with USB powered outputs, which eliminates the need for extra chargers, but will still require USB-to-device cables.

• Lockable - Most charging lockers come with multiple locking options and a wide array of security measures to protect valuable electronics. Some charging lockers have legs which can be fixed to the floor for added security.

• Colour - Charging lockers are metallic in design, but can be painted in a range of colours to match existing designs or company thematics.


How many sockets do charging lockers have?

This may vary depending on the locker, but it is fairly standard for each compartment to have one singular socket inside.