Desiccants (Silica Gel)

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What are silica gel packets?

Designed to absorb moisture and prevent the damage of stock during storage and shipping, the humble silica gel packet plays an important part in product care. Packets of various sizes are made using paper or cloth and filled with beads of silica gel, which is derived from silicon dioxide. Silicon dioxide is a compound found in sand and has desiccant characteristics which will absorb excess humidity.

Why buy silica gel packets?

For products that can be damaged when exposed to excess moisture, such as electronics and clothing, silica gel packets are a must-have to provide your customers with the best quality and protect your products from unnecessary damage.

When are silica gel packets used?

Silica gel packets can be found in packs of dry food to prevent spoiling or sogginess, as well as electronics products that will be boxed and stored for a time before purchase by the customer. This is similar for clothing items that are frequently packed in plastic during transport and may sit in a warehouse before reaching the shop floor.

Silica gel packet types

Silica gel packets are available in a range of sizes to suit manufacturers' requirements, while the silica gel has three main types...

White non-indicating silica gel   -   This type is frequently used and if you have a lot of parcel deliveries, you'll have seen packets with the white gel beads regularly.

Orange indicating silica gel   -   This type of silica gel features a colour-indicator, in this instance, orange, which warns when moisture levels are too high in the packaging.

Blue indicating silica gel   -   Similar to the orange indicating silica gel, the blue version will present a blue colour if humidity is too high. However, to achieve this colour, the silica gel has been infused with cobalt chloride, which is toxic and has thus been banned by the EU.

Considerations when choosing silica gel packets

Storage conditions - before choosing the right size of silica gel packets, its important to know the conditions in which the product in question will be stored and shipped in, including temperature and humidity exposure.

Packaging size - that is the volume of air within the packaging.

Silica gel type - as discussed earlier, there's a choice of indicating and non-indicating silica gel.

Protection time - how long will the product need protection against humidity?


What happens if you eat silica gel?

As a natural derivative of sand, silica gel is chemically inert. This means that it won't break down in the digestive system and release poison into the blood stream. It should just pass naturally through your body and not be cause for any concern.

Can silica gel sachets be dried and reused?

Silica gel will absorb up to 40% of its own weight in moisture, and after this limit is reached; sachets are often thrown away. However, you can reactivate the silica gel by drying it out in an oven or microwave. Oven dry at 120°C for one to two hours or stack the sachets in the microwave and heat them on high for two minutes. After two minutes, open the microwave to release steam and excess humidity drawn from the packets and wait for two to three minutes to bring them back down to room temperature. Then start a three-round process of heating on high for a minute, and then cooling for two to three minutes. After the third cool-down, the silica gel sachets will be ready to use again.

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