Mesh Lockers

Mesh lockers are an ideal personal storage solution which can maximise space in the workplace whilst providing clear visibility of the objects inside.

Cromwell stocks an extensive range of high-quality mesh lockers, suitable for use across a variety of sectors and workplaces, including in staff rooms, shops, plants, garages, and more.

What are mesh lockers?

Mesh lockers are similar in design and usage to standard personal storage lockers, but instead of thick panels they have a strong wire mesh, allowing for clear item visibility. This is great for quick and easy identification of contents, enabling users to swiftly identify the storage without having to unlock and open the doors.

Why buy a mesh locker?

Providing wire mesh storage that's as visible as it is secure, there are a wide range of benefits that can be achieved using mesh lockers over regular lockers. The increased ventilation makes them the ideal choice for use in drying rooms, and the amplified airflow prevents the lockers from getting damp, musty, and unhygienic when wet items are placed inside.

Since mesh lockers boast a wire mesh design, they are easily tweaked and adjusted to suit user needs. You can join them together or have them altered to fit perfectly in any space.

Like standard lockers, wire mesh lockers are fully lockable and are ideal for keeping valuables secure.

When are mesh lockers used?

Mesh lockers are used in place of regular lockers, but are particularly suited for storing and protecting damp items due to their increased airflow.

This makes them particularly useful for any trade where workers are often outside - and may come inside with wet jackets after a spout of typically British weather.

Need help choosing for the ideal type of mesh lockers for your usage? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer personalised free advice to help you decide.

Types of mesh locker

Mesh lockers come in a range of configurations ranging from single compartment lockers to forty compartments. Options are available both with or without doors and are available in a bright zinc plated finish or coated in epoxy powder paint to suit most branded colours or decor.

Considerations when choosing a mesh locker

• Capacity - Ensure your mesh locker is large enough to fit the objects you or your staff wish to store before buying.

• Utility - Some mesh lockers have extra utility options that can be useful. For example, you can have mesh lockers with coat hooks, shoe racks, and multiple doors for versatile and space-saving storage.

• Lockable - Most mesh lockers come with multiple locking options and a greater array of security measures to protect valuable items. Many lockers have legs which can be permanently fixed to the floor for added security.

• Colour - Mesh lockers are metallic in design but are available powder coated in a varied range of colours to match existing designs or thematics.

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