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Extended Hooks, Perfo Accessories

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These Extended Hooks are designed for use with Bott®'s Perfo panels. Each product is sold as a pack of 5 and is manufactured from steel with a BZP (Bright Zinc Plating). Designed to be quickly secured to Bott® Perfo panels, the product possesses a perfolock action and may be repositioned at any time. The hook ends are capped for safety and the products are available in an array of sizes.

Features and Benefits
• Manufactured from steel for maximum resilience and hols
• Zinc plating protects the product from corrosion
• Available in a range of sizes to suit your needs
• Each hook is capped at the end for safety
• Perfolock action allows the product to be easily attached and detached
• Pack of 5 ensures you have an ample amount of hooks for storing various tools and items

Typical Applications
• Workshops
• Industrial
• Institutional