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Storage Bins

Get organised with our simple storage solutions online. Here at Cromwell, we stock a wide range of storage containers and bins to declutter shelves and organise cupboards. Available in a range of sizes and colours, our range have practical features like lids, stackable options and louvre mouldings for off the floor hanging.

We stock storage bins that'll make the best use of your space from market leading brands, like Avon®, Senator®, Workshop® and Matlock®.

What is a storage bin?

Available in a wide range of sizes, storage bins are a convenient way of organising shelves and tabletops. Usually stackable by design, they're often used to store fasteners on workbenches while different colours allow for colour coded storage.

When are storage bins used?

Storage bins are extremely useful for domestic, office and industrial organisation, keeping items sorted and easy to find. Some smaller storage bins have a hanging feature that allows them to be attached to a louvre panel unit, while an extended and lowered lip at the front of the bin allows for hand access and the easy pouring of contents onto a workbench.

Storage bin types

Storage bins are made to service a range of working environments and are made with lightweight and durable materials like plastic and polypropylene. Convenient and easy to transport and stack, storage bins help to maximise a space and minimise mess and clutter.

Shelf storage bins   -   Often made of cardboard or plastic, these storage containers help to organise shelves and stationery cupboards and reduce clutter

Stackable storage bins   -   Designed with an open front and moulded ledges for stacking support or louvre wall hanging, these storage bins come in a range of sizes and colours and are often used to store smaller components.

Nesting bin   -   Shaped for stacking inside one another when not in use, this type of storage bin often features hinged closing lids for securing contents

Rack sets Supplied with a louvre panel and a set of mounting storage bins, these handy sets are a great option for setting up a new workspace

Lidded containers   -   Plastic versions are often designed with incorporated lids and are easy to clean and stack, while cardboard versions are less durable and can't be cleaned, they fold down when not in use for easy storage

Foldable containers   -   For temporary use and transport, foldable containers are extremely versatile and easy to store when not in use

Pallet box   -   These storage containers are stackable by design and come in a range of variants, including standard, foldable and drop-front types for picking applications

Storage bin trolley racks   -   An excellent option for regularly used, moving storage, bin trolleys feature mixed-sized storage bins attached to an upright metal trolley frame with wheels for easy transport

Considerations when choosing a storage bin

Dimensions - its important to know where a storage container will live once purchased and filled. The space should be measured before choosing the storage bin that'd suit you best.

Capacity - the amount a storage bin can hold will be dictated by the dimensions, but this must be considered when making measurements and deciding on the type of container needed. If you find that you can't fit what you need in the space you have, you may want to consider different types of containers or look at a different storage area.

Material - for oily and wet areas, a polypropylene or plastic container would be best, or some pallet storage bins often feature raised legs to keep the stored contents away from any spillages. For light traffic areas, cardboard may be sufficient, while aluminium or stainless-steel storage boxes may benefit heavy traffic locations.

Features - for long-term storage or storage in dusty environments, plastic storage lids can be purchased separately, or are sometimes incorporated into the storage container with hinges. Wheels are ideal for frequent transport, while louvre panels are recommended for keeping smaller components securely off the floor.


Are storage bins recyclable?

Storage containers made from metal and cardboard are recyclable, however, plastic storage bins will end up in landfill. If the box is broken and can't be repaired, there's not much else you can do but throw it away. However, if it's the case that you just don't want it anymore, give it to a charity shop for use or resale.

Can storage bins store food?

If the storage bin has the food-safe logo on the bottom, then it's okay for storing food. Food safe bulk storage is usually made from high density polyethylene (HDPE) which will also display a 2. We don't recommend storing any food in plastic containers that don't have the food safe logo (a fork and cup) clearly displayed.