Storage Boxes

The Cromwell range contains a range of storage box solutions, ideal for indexable parts like inserts or fasteners. With brands like Bott®, Raaco and Senator®, you'll be sure to find the right storage solution to fit your requirements and budget.

What are storage boxes?

Storage boxes or storage bins are typically made from plastic and come in various forms. Open storage bins can be mounted on panels and or racking for easy and convenient storage of parts. They are easily labelled which can make picking and selecting items easier and more convenient.

Why storage boxes?

Whether it's warehousing or parts storage in industrial workshops, having efficient storage is not only a great space saving solution but it also keeps items organised so the right people can find the right items quickly and easily. Storage boxes are a great solution as they are easily mountable ans stackable, but they can be added to as your space requirement grows.

Types of storage boxes

There are a multitude of storage box types available so finding the correct storage solution for your needs is made simpler.

Plastic pick bins - These come in a range of sizes and colours for easy recognition and colour coding of items. Their open lipped design allows for easy access to stored items and they typically come with slot for the easy insertion of labelling.

Plastic storage drawers - Plastic storage drawers are a great solution for the storage of small parts. Mounted in either a high impact polymer or steel cabinet their transparent design allows for easy access to components that would otherwise get lost in larger storage solutions.

Attached lid containers - These storage boxes are ideal for the storage of large items for prolonged periods. Their gatefold lid design keeps items secure and safe from damage. Usually made from high impact plastic or polymers they are stackable and durable.

Stackable plastic crates - Lightweight and portable, yet highly durable these types of crates are a great storage solution for larger items. Their handled design allows for easy potability to boot.

Considerations when choosing a storage box

Storage boxes are as versatile as the items stored in them so there are plenty of options available, selecting the right one relies mostly on the parts you intend to store.

• Size - This is one of the main considerations to take note of. If you intend to store small items then a smaller storage option like a small parts storage drawer or a small pick bin might be the best solution as they are both easy to access and indexable and generally offer better organisation. For larger items then crates or containers would make a better choice as they have a robust construction and are stackable allowing you to save space.

• Material - This can also be dependant on the items stored within. For small lightweight items a lightweight cardboard solution may suffice. For small metal components smaller plastic storage options might be more of an ideal choice. For heavier larger items a more robust container made for a thick high impact plastic or tougher may be more realistic.
Note: For personal safety always be sure to check any weight limitations. E.g., storing large and heavy items in a lightweight plastic box may result in breakage and injury. The environment you store items in also plays a big part, especially if moisture is prevalent. E.g., storing metal items in damp environments may induce a reaction leading to corrosion, which could be hazardous, especially when dealing with items containing chemicals.


How do I organize storage boxes?

Storage boxes are useful ways to save space and organise your inventory, however they will only work efficiently if the person organising them has an efficient system in place. Storage containers like pick boxes add a little helping hand to this dilemma as not only do they come in a range of sizes, but they also come in a range of colours too. What's more they have the capacity to be labelled so based on this you can ensure all components of a certain type are stored in the same size and colour boxes with easy visibility of what they contain without even having to check the contents. Colour coding and labelling is an effective way to ensure easy access to items as and when you require them.

How do I store storage boxes?

This will depend heavily on the material and size of the box involved. Some of this will boil down to common sense whilst some of it may require a little more thought. Ensuring that the overall storage environment is fit to store the items you wish to store is an important step. Storing items that are susceptible to spoil or corrode in damp environments should be avoided. Also be sure not to overload containers as this could result in breakage and personal injury. Stacking storage boxes too high or with too much weight can also create a hazard so these should be a first consideration when storing items.

Keeping items in well organised containers and efficiently stacked and stored away from walkways etc, will not only make finding items easier but can also add to better safety in the work environment too.