DEWALT - Guaranteed Tough®

SMillions of professionals choose DEWALT. From their rich history and proven performance, to their focus on innovation and technology, DEWALT work to deliver robust products suited for longevity. From 1922 to the present day DEWALT continues to design and optimise professional jobsite solutions - tools, accessories and service - to ensure absolute confidence for the toughest conditions.

DEWALT have been innovating products since 1922. Their key technologies include the XR FLEXVOLT® battery, which changes voltage intuitively based upon your tool, the Tool-Connect™ Bluetooth® connectivity function which allows users to connect to and track their tool from anywhere as well as the XR FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE technology and revolutionary battery technology POWERSTACK™.

DeWalt FAQs

How do I register my DEWALT Power Tool for the 3 year extended warranty?

Users can extend the warranty of select DEWALT tools for up to 3 years. Simply subscribe here to MyDEWALT, follow the instructions to register your product, and add it to your Tool Box within 4 weeks of purchase.

What is XR FLEXVOLT technology?

XR FLEXVOLT is DEWALT's revolutionary range of 54V cordless tools that give you the power of corded with the freedom of cordless. The XR FLEXVOLT battery is the only battery on the market that automatically switches from 54V to 18V enabling it to power both 18V and 54V power tools in the 18V XR and XR FLEXVOLT ranges. Shop DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT products here.

Where do I find my DEWALT tool model number?

In order to find accurate parts, manuals and drawings for your tool you must know the tool's model number and type number. On DEWALT tools, the model number and type number are usually on the warning label or nameplate typically found on the bottom or side of the tool. The label for larger equipment, like generators, can be found on the top of the equipment.