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What are Pliers?

Most of us grab a pair of pliers when we need to cut something, like a piece of wire. While cutting is a common use, pliers are multi-functional tools designed to accomplish a variety of tasks, depending on their design.

How do Pliers Work

All pliers are constructed with an important function; however, a few parts may vary to fit a specific type.

Cutters: The cutters are usually located near the fulcrum and are used for cutting various wires and cables.

Fulcrum: This serves a very important duty and keeps the handles and jaws connected. It also creates enough force for the jaws to perform their duty.

Handles: These can be straight or curved, giving extra grip and comfort.

Jaws: The working end of the plier, these are typically used for gripping. However, combination plier jaws also feature cutters and pipe grips.

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Insulated Pliers

Insulated pliers are used by electricians and protects against injury if you encounter an energised source or static shocks. Insulated Pliers have easy identification from their 2 colour handles. Made from two types of components these will keep you protected when working with anything that has an energised source.

*There are also insulated pliers that have one block colour on the outside (red) and a different colour underneath (yellow). When the red wears away and the yellow starts to show this will alert the customer and let them know the plier is now unusable and should be replaced.

Insulated Tests

Every insulated tool must be marked with the year it was insulated and an official 1,000-volt rating symbol. Tested to EN60900.

  1. Immersion test
  2. Penetration test
  3. Insulation adhesion test
  4. Impact test
  5. Non-flammability test

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