Felt Discs

Whether you need a soft metal polishing flap wheel to achieve that shined and mirror finish, or a hard felt disc to prime and buff pre-polished surfaces, Cromwell's collection of polishing wheels will have exactly what you're looking for. Choose from a range of hard and soft metal polishing flap wheels that prioritise quality and care for many different metals and materials. Cromwell offer a variety of metal polishing wheels from the leading brand, Pferd© to guarantee optimal quality and expertise in material cutting and buffing.

Why felt discs?

Cromwell's range of felt discs can used on an extensive range of materials, including but not limited to aluminium, cobalt-based alloys, hard non-ferrous metal, titanium alloys, copper, brass, stainless steel and thermoplastics. Felt discs provide a soft and smoothed surface for metal and dependant on the soft or hard grade of the wheel, can mirror and shine the work material as well. The high-quality abrasive material of these metal polishing flap wheels can also recorrect damage and scuffs made in metal due to the natural wear and tear.

Felt disc types

There are a range of different polishing wheel types but the two most popular are hard and soft. Both provide different effects on metal but can be used in conjunction with one another to achieve a smooth and polished metal. There are also a collection of different sizes and dimensions to fit different shanks and polishers.

Hard - Hard felt discs are the most abrasive and are typically made with wool or felt to pre-puff and prime metals ready for polishing and shining. Hard polishing wheels also easily remove scratches and scuffs in metal to recorrect the metal to its previously smooth and shiny form.

Soft - Soft felt discs are the less abrasive product and are typically used in the final stages of buffing and polishing metal to create a mirrored or extremely shiny finish.


What materials can polishing wheels be used on?

There is a huge selection of materials and metals that polishing wheels and felt discs can be used on, and it is recommended that you read our detailed product specifications to understand exactly what product is right for the material or workpiece in question. However, typically, polishing wheels are used on metals such as aluminium, cobalt-based alloys, other non-ferrous metals, high-temperature-resistant materials, nickel-based alloys, bronze, hard non-ferrous metal, titanium, titanium alloys, copper, brass, stainless steel, thermoplastics and steel to buff out imperfections as well as create aesthetically shined surfaces.

What's the difference between a grinding disc and a felt disc?

Grind discs are significantly more abrasive than felt and metal polishing discs because they are used to remove and contour metals rather than prepare, prime and shine them afterwards. Both hard and soft felt discs are used to polish and prepare surfaces for buffing and smoothing, rather than significantly changing the material's shape and qualities.