Fibre Discs

Ensure your abrasives and metalworking operations run smoothly with the use of fibre discs. Choose from a wide range of abrasive materials, grit levels, and sizes. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of fibre discs from leading brands such as 3M™, Sia Abrasives®, Norton®, and Cromwell's exclusive brand York®.

What are fibre discs?

Fibre discs are a common abrasive consumable made of vulcanised fibred that have an abrasive grain attached using resin. These differ from coated discs which have a paper backing, offering more mechanical strength, and allowing for higher pressure to be applied.

When are fibre discs used?

Fibre discs are a great and powerful abrasive solution which, like most abrasive discs, needs to be used with a backing pad. They are great to be used for a range of applications ranging from rough machining, spatter cleaning, to finishing.

Considerations when choosing fibre discs

Abrasive material - The abrasive material is an important consideration when choosing a fibre disc with their different characteristics.

Grit - The grit is the roughness of the abrasive and should be considered when deciding the application the abrasive will be used for. The lower the grit, the rougher the abrasive, allowing for more stock removal per pass. Higher grit is finer, allowing for less stock removal but a finer finish.

Diameter - The larger the diameter, the more abrasive action can happen on a pass, but the disc has a lower maximum rpm.

Bore - The bore size must match with the backing pad being used.


What are fibre discs used for?

Common applications for fibre discs include weld removal, spatter cleaning, bevelling, and slag removal. However, they are very versatile abrasive disc and can be used in other general applications other than the above.

How do you use a fibre disc?

Fibre discs are used just like all other abrasive discs, and require the user to be protected and a suitable backing pad to be used. Once you have fully prepared yourself with protective equipment, ensure your power tool and the backing pad are both compatible with each other. Finally ensure the workpiece is securely mounted before starting work on it.