Gaskets & Jointing

Ideal for joining surfaces, joints and substrates together with consistent and reliable results, gasket and jointing compounds are a staple product in workshops and factories worldwide. Here at Cromwell, we supply gasket and jointing compounds by leading brands Loctite ®, Hylomar ® and 3M ®.

Why gasket and jointing compounds?

These compounds are a crucial part of joining two surfaces or joints together to prevent corrosion from compromising the strength of the seal between the substrates. It protects against air, heat and fluid corrosion, whilst also preventing dust particles and insects from weakening the seal.

Gasket and jointing types

High Strength   -   High strength compounds have excellent resistances to temperature, oils, pressure and friction while also providing excellent adhesion.

Medium Strength   -   Medium strength compounds are resistant to a wide range of oils, temperatures, and pressures, but after extended use for a long time, may become compromised under intense friction and corrosion.

Low Strength   -   Low strength compounds are ideal for strong adhesion in low pressure environments, providing excellent protection.


What happens if I apply too much sealant?
If you use too much sealant, it can squeeze out of the seal and spill over onto the surface.

Which are the longest lasting sealants?
On average, polymer sealants last the longest. They create a seal that is chemically bonded, therefore becoming much harder to corrode, even from oils and high temperatures. This makes polymer-based sealants a popular choice in automotive and engineering industries.