Packaging Tapes

A staple of any workplace or domestic setting, packaging tape is used to ensure your parcels and packages are secure before sending them.

Here at Cromwell, we offer a wide range of packaging tapes from our trusted, exclusive brands Avon and Kennedy as well as national brands 3M, Gorilla and Sellotape as well as many more.

What are packaging tapes?

Packaging tapes are adhesive tapes specifically designed for sealing and securing packages, cartons, and boxes for shipping, storage, or general packaging purposes. Packaging tapes typically have a strong adhesive backing and are available in various widths and thicknesses.

Why packaging tapes?

Packaging tapes are used for their durability, strength and general high resistance across the board, all of which are desirable when slecting an adhesive tape to help safely transport goods.

When are packaging tapes used?

Used widely across most industries, packaging tapes are used to provide a reliable and secure seal to keep the contents of the package intact during handling and transportation.

Packaging tape types

There are several types of packaging tapes available, each of which possess key attributes. To help you to find the best one for your needs, we've broken down each type to highlight the basic features of each.

Acrylic packaging tape   -   Acrylic packaging tape is one of the most widely used types of packaging tapes. It has a durable acrylic adhesive that provides good adhesion to various surfaces. Acrylic tapes are suitable for general packaging applications and offer good resistance to aging, UV light, and temperature changes.

Hot melt packaging tape   -   Hot melt packaging tape is made of a synthetic rubber adhesive that provides excellent adhesion and holding power. It offers superior strength and is commonly used for heavy-duty packaging applications, including sealing heavy boxes and securing bulky items.

Natural rubber packaging tape   -   Natural rubber packaging tape, also known as gummed paper tape or water-activated tape, is made of paper and has a natural rubber adhesive. It requires water activation to bond securely to the package. Natural rubber tapes offer strong adhesion, tamper-evident sealing, and excellent durability.

Filament packaging tape   -   Filament packaging tape, also called strapping tape, has a reinforced backing with embedded fiberglass filaments. It offers exceptional strength and resistance to tearing. Filament tapes are commonly used for bundling and securing heavy or bulky items, as well as reinforcing cartons.

Considerations when choosing a packaging tape

By considering these factors, you can select the most suitable packaging tape for your specific packaging needs, ensuring secure and reliable sealing of your packages during transportation and storage.

• Adhesive strength - Determine the required adhesive strength based on the weight and nature of the package. Consider whether you need a tape with a strong adhesive for secure sealing or a lower adhesive strength for easy opening and resealing.

• Backing material - Packaging tapes come with various backing materials, such as polypropylene, PVC, or paper. Each material offers different properties in terms of strength, flexibility, and tear resistance. Choose the backing material that suits your packaging requirements.

• Width and length - Select the appropriate width and length of the tape based on the size of your packages and the coverage area required. Consider the width needed for a secure seal and the length needed to efficiently seal multiple packages.

• Tape thickness - Consider the thickness or gauge of the tape, as it can impact its strength and durability. Thicker tapes are generally stronger and more resistant to tearing.

• Temperature and environmental conditions - Evaluate the temperature range and environmental conditions the package will be subjected to. Some tapes offer better resistance to extreme temperatures, moisture, or UV light, ensuring the integrity of the seal and package contents.

• Dispensing method - Consider the method of tape dispensing that will be most convenient for your packaging operations. Packaging tapes are available in various formats, such as hand-held dispensers, manual tear, or machine roll form.


Is shipping tape the same as packaging tape?
Yes. The two terms are used interchangeably, with shipping tape being used more often in the US. Both terms are synonymous with one another and refer to the same product.