Bottle Brushes

Don't let the name fool you - bottle brushes are used for far more than just cleaning bottles. Their flexible form factor gives them a myriad of uses across a wide range of industries.

Whatever your usage, Cromwell stocks a variety of bottle brushes - so you're bound to find the ideal products for you.

What are bottle brushes?

Bottle brushes are, as the name implies, typically used for cleaning bottles, containers, pipes, tubing, and much, much more. Ideal for cleaning any type of crevice or opening, these handy little brushes are invaluable across a wide range of industries - from plumbing to commercial kitchens.

Bottle brushes boast a remarkably simple design - a handle at one end, cleaning bristles on the other, and a flexible but firm metal pole that joins the two and provides length and flexibility to the user.

Similar to pipe cleaners, bottle brushes are inserted into the bottle, pipe, or other object, and the firm bristles can sweep away grime and disinfect areas that would be otherwise impossible to clean.

Why buy bottle brushes?

Bottle brushes generally aren't given much thought. They're usually on-hand, ready for sanitary cleaning tasks such as removing bacteria from bottle necks and openings. Take them away however, and any industry that uses them regularly would likely grind to a halt.

This is because few other cleaning tools can reach the areas that bottle brushes can. A good range of bottle brushes are relied upon by industries that require the cleaning of hard-to-reach hygienically sensitive areas, such as in food and drink manufacturing or commercial kitchens.

Other industries rely upon bottle brushes to remove build-ups of dirt, grime, and grease. For example, they are often used by mechanics and plumbers to remove stubborn dirt from piping.

When are bottle brushes used?

Designed to clean bottles, bottle brushes have found uses across all kinds of domestic and industrial applications. These include:

• Removing grime from bottles
• Disinfecting baby bottles and pump parts
• Cleaning and sanitising containers
• Cleaning tubes and pipes
• Removing soft deposits in various heat exchanger parts

If you're looking for the right bottle brushes for your usage but aren't sure about the best option for you, feel free to ask our experts for specialised advice.

Considerations when choosing bottle brushes

• Bristle stiffness - The stiffness of the bristles determines their flexibility and give. Harder bristles are perfect for removing stubborn dirt, allowing for forceful scrubbing. Softer bristles are more flexible and are better for disinfecting rather than grime removal.

• Dimensions - Ensure both the diameter of the brush head and the length of the brush is suitable for your cleaning requirements. Product dimensions can be found in the 'product specification' tab.


How to clean a bottle brush
Bottle brushes are often cleaned and disinfected after use by boiling or autoclaving (using high pressure steam). Alternatively, most bottle brushes can be used with normal cleaning agents that remove bacteria.