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Cloths & Rags

From microfibre cloths to tea towels, leather rags, and everything in between - cloths and rags are a vital addition to any janitorial, household, or cleaning task.

No matter your cleaning needs, Cromwell stocks a large variety of cloths and rags, so you're bound to find the right products for you.

What are cloths & rags?

Made from microfibre, cotton, cellulose, leather, or fibre - cloths and rags are designed to wipe, wash, clean, disinfect - you name it. More suited for small-scale cleaning and dusting than mops or dustpans, every household and workplace needs cloths and rags to ensure hygiene standards are met.

Why buy cloths & rags?

By having a range of cloths and rags at your disposal for cleaning and disinfecting, users are able to clean any surface - removing germs, bacteria, and unwanted mess or dust.

Most cleaning cloths are available in a range of colours. This allows for easy colour-coding, preventing cross-contamination and bacteria spread.

When are cloths & rags used?

From detailed and precise cleaning to wiping grease and oil off your hands in the garage, cloths and rags have an incredibly diverse range of uses, making them a must-have in any office, garage, or household.

If you're looking for the right type of cloth or rag for your usage but aren't sure about the best option for you, feel free to ask our experts for specialised advice.

Types of cloths & rags

Professionals use a plethora of cloths and rags to suit a number of cleaning jobs. As each type of cleaning cloth has different uses, ensure you stock up on a number of cloths and rags to get the best possible results. Common types of cloths and rags include:

• Microfibre cloths - Great for cleaning screens, absorbing moisture, and delivering mark-free results on most surfaces

• All-purpose cloths - Also called J cloths, all-purpose cloths are ideal for washing up, wiping down, and absorbing large quantities of water.

• Cotton dusters - Rich in cotton, dusters use cotton strands to collect large amounts of dust. They are often used in conjunction with furniture polish to remove dust from even delicate items.

• Tea towels - Ever-versatile, tea towels are perfect for use in the kitchen for a multitude of catering or cleaning tasks.

• Chamois - Made from leather, chamois are typically used for buffing and drying vehicles after washing.