Litter Pickers

An essential product that contributes to workplace hygiene and overall cleanliness, a good litter picker will keep workplace floors and outdoor areas clean and free from unsightly debris.

Cromwell stocks an extensive range of cleaning and hygiene products, including litter pickers, that are suitable for use across any kind of workplace, garage, or home.

What are litter pickers?

Litter pickers consist of a long (usually aluminium) pole. They have a handle and a trigger on one end, and a pair of large grabbing jaws on the other that can safely pick up items from the ground.

Why a litter picker?

Litter pickers are an efficient and highly cost-effective way to keep an area clean and free of litter and large debris.

Litter is a serious issue that can, if left unchecked, result in unwanted rodent infestations, unnecessary damage, and bacterial problems - not to mention how unsightly it can be around the workplace.

With regular use, litter pickers can prevent these serious problems before they even begin.

When are litter pickers used?

Litter pickers are used across every industry to keep large indoor or outdoor spaces clean and free of unwanted litter.

From warehouses to offices to at home, cleanliness is vital. This makes litter pickers a necessary addition to keep areas hygienic and clean.

Need a hand choosing the right litter picker or other hygiene products for you? Feel free to get in touch with our experts, who offer personalised and free advice to help you find the right solutions for your workspace.

Considerations when choosing a litter picker

When choosing your litter picker, there are a few key considerations to keep in mind to ensure you get the best one for your needs:

• Jaw capacity - The larger the jaws, the bigger the items you can pick up with your litter picker.

• Pole material - Aluminium poles strike a good balance between durability and lightness. Plastic poles are even lighter but aren't as durable.

• Extendibility - Extendable litter pickers allow users to pick up litter and other items from a range of heights. This is especially useful if you're picking items from a ditch or other lowered crevasses.

• Handle length - If it isn't adjustable, ensure the litter picker you buy is at the right handle length to prevent back fatigue or strain.

• Other solutions - Some litter is unpreventable. However, if you find yourself dealing with lots of litter regularly, ensure you have an adequate number of bins for staff or members of the public to put their unwanted rubbish in. Cromwell has a large range of indoor and outdoor bins to suit any needs.