Window Cleaning Equipment

Discover our selection of professional window cleaning equipment online at We stock a great choice of equipment to effectively clean windows in both domestic and professional settings, including squeegees, water fed brushes and more.

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What is window cleaning equipment?

Window cleaning equipment is designed to improve the efficiency of cleaning windows in both domestic and professional settings. Available in a wide range of designs, window cleaning equipment and accessories share the same t-shape design, with either a brush, blade or cloth-like attachment at the head to perform different cleaning tasks like scrubbing away stubborn dirt or wiping away the dirty water.

Typically, most cleaning heads are compatible with water-fed extension rods to allow for more versatile and ergonomic cleaning options, while telescopic cleaning brushes also make great vehicle cleaning tools.

Window cleaning equipment types

Washing windows needn't be a strain with a range of cleaning equipment available. Instead of spraying and wiping, cleaning equipment like telescopic water fed options for example, allows for efficient, streak-free cleaning of windows en masse for fast and effective cleaning.

• Water fed brushes   -   These versatile cleaning brushes usually feature a telescopic handle to allow for a high reach to clean windows and vehicles. The bristles of the brush are non-scratch to allow for heavier applications without causing damage, and the handle features a hose-pipe connection

• Water fed extension rods   -   A handy tool to add to your window cleaning arsenal, extension rods will fit in most squeegees to extend to higher-level cleaning

• Window squeegees   -   Also called blade squeegees, these cleaning tools feature a flexible rubber blade, which is pulled over the surface of the window from top to bottom to remove dirty water and excess soap. Window squeegees are available in a wide range of sizes to suit larger or smaller windows

• Window washer   -   Similar to a window squeegee, window washers are a t-shape and feature a removable sleeve and integrated wells to retain cleaning solutions. They're the ideal tool for hand washing windows and are usually followed by a window squeegee

Considerations when choosing window cleaning equipment

Location - when cleaning a small number of windows on a single level, a window washer and window squeegee are an ideal choice. Multi-story washing on the other hand requires a telescopic brush to allow for a good reach.


What equipment do professional window cleaners use?

This, of course, depends on the window cleaner, but there are usually some similarities in equipment from one to the next. The means of applying the cleaning chemicals to the window is usually in the form of a window washer, followed by a blade squeegee, either on its own or with a telescopic water fed attachment.

Can professional window washing equipment be used at home?

Yes, any hose attachments are universal and will fit domestic hose pipes, so you can go ahead and use any professional window cleaning equipment at home.