Power Hacksaws

If you need a space saving, easy and automated way to cut through tough materials, a power hacksaw is for you. Choose from different cutting capacities, power output, voltage input, saw sizes, and more. At Cromwell we have a curated range of power hacksaws from popular brands such as Ajax Machine Tools® and Excel®.

What are power hacksaws?

Power hacksaws are a great tool to use in workshops and manufacturing plants to easily cut through thicker metal and hard workpieces. Unlike a band saw which needs the workpiece to be pushed through the saw, a power hacksaw descends onto the workpiece to cut through it with a reciprocating motion.

When are power hacksaws used?

Power hacksaws should be used where thick metal and hard workpieces needs to be cut often, but not daily. Although bandsaws can cut cleanly and in a single motion, rather than from a reciprocating saw, hacksaws tend to be smaller in size and cheaper than a bandsaw so should be considered with these benefits in mind.

Considerations when choosing a power hacksaw

Voltage - The voltage rating of the power hacksaw is an important consideration based on the environment where it will be used. 240V is ideal for domestic and workshop applications, whereas 415V is ideal for industrial applications.

Power Rating - The higher the power rating, the more powerful the power hacksaw motor. A powerful motor allows for easier and quicker cutting without stalling, increasing efficiency.

Cutting Capacity - The cutting capacity of the power hacksaw determines what the power hacksaw can cut. The cutting capacity is based on rectangular and circular size capacities so both should be considered to ensure the power hacksaw can cut the required workpieces.

Phases - The power phases are important to delivering constant power and should be considered when selecting the

Power hacksaw jargon buster

We want to make it easy for you, so here are some key terms that will help you understand the range and applications a little better

What does three phase power mean?

Three phase power is a power standard that is usually used within industrial applications. It tends to work alongside the higher 415V voltage rating. Three phase power provides a more consistent power delivery than standard single 240V voltage rating. This leads to greater load capabilities, greater efficiencies, and the capability to provide more wattage.


How is a power hacksaw blade different from a hand hacksaw blade?

Power hacksaw blades are heavier than hand hacksaw blades and tend to have fewer teeth per inch with a coarser pitch. This allows them to cut with the increased speed offered by the motor whilst keeping the blade cool and reducing clogging.

What hacksaw blade is best for cutting metal
Bi-metal blades are ideal for cutting into metal. Bi-metal blades are comprised of low carbon steel with high-speed steel. The low carbon steel offers flexibility to prevent snapping, whilst the high-speed steel offers superior cutting performance.