Spindle Moulders

Shop for high-quality, durable spindle moulders online at Cromwell. We stock a choice of spindle moulders to perform a huge range of woodworking tasks, including precision moulding and ornate designs. We carefully choose our range of spindle moulders from the market-leading brand, SIP®.

What are spindle moulders?

A versatile woodworking machine, the spindle moulder, sometimes called a wood shaper, is the most underused tool in the industry. With modern routers replacing most of the spindle moulder's basic operations, there's some risk of it's being discarded and left to the dust and spiders.

However, for those aware of the spindle moulder's capabilities, it's a powerful and adaptable machine with a huge range of tooling options at its disposal.

Large and free-standing, the spindle moulder features a flat metal table, in the middle of which is an opening aperture with a vertical spindle fitted centrally. The aperture can be closed off using different sized rings, with variable spindle height spacers also supplied as standard. These sit on top of the spindle, while a cranking and lock mechanism adjusts the height of the spindle and locks it into place.

Available with varying speeds, some models deliver up to four speeds and allow for a professional woodworkers to achieve most of their tasks on a single machine. This includes standard moulding, hole-making, cutting grooves and producing beautifully ornate designs.

Spindle moulder types

Spindle moulders are ideal for complicated decorative designs in wood but can be used for holes, grooves, joints and more. They're an excellent multi-functional tool, however, for those woodworkers who perform more specific tasks, there are spindle moulders available to suit.

• Single-head spindle moulders   -   This type features a single spindle and operates with one piece at a time. They're ideal for workshops where space is limited and allow for precision work

• Multi-head spindle moulders   -   Designed for high-level production, this type of spindle moulder can cut multiple pieces at one time due to the multiple heads or spindles it has. A good quality machine will still be able to maintain accurate cuts and produce high-quality work

Considerations when choosing a spindle moulder

Speed - a machine with a variable speed feature will determine your productivity and accuracy, with a varied choice providing greater flexibility.

Head - depending on your business, you can adjust your output depending on the number of heads you choose on your machine.


What's the difference between a spindle moulder and a router table?

Spindle moulders are an extremely versatile, heavy-duty machine. The central spindle, or head will accept a huge range of cutting bits that slide onto the spindle to achieve the finish you desire. A router table, on the other hand, has the router positioned under the table and the shank of each bit is permanently attached to the cutting head slotting into the router collet.

Can a spindle moulder use router bits?

In short, yes. Even though a shaper is more powerful than a router, there is an adapter available that will allow router bits to be used with most spindle moulders.

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