LED Light Panels

Whether you need to save money on energy bills, find a durable lighting solution or simply want to modernise your space, integrated LED light panels are a perfect solution. Here at Cromwell, we have a wide range of alternatively sized integrated LED ceiling lights that are offered in warm and cool tones to suit the needs of you and your environment. We offer a range of LED panels from Ledvance© to guarantee durability, longevity as well as a strong dedication to sustainability.

Why LED Light Panels?

LED (Light Emitting Diode) panels have a huge range of benefits in comparison to incandescent or halogen lighting solutions. The integrated LED ceiling lights from our website all offer superior durability and longevity, lasting an average of 10 times longer than standard lighting panels and fixtures. LED panels also consume up to 85% less energy than the average halogen bulb saving you money and improving environmental performance all in one flick of a switch. Other advantages of integrated LED ceiling lights include low voltage operation, the ability to perform equally well in colder climates as well as emitting no heat or UV emissions. Whether for your office, your warehouse or your garden shed, LED light panels are the better choice for your money and the environment.

LED lighting types

LED integrated lighting panels come in a variety of colours, however, most commonly for the supplies of offices and workspaces, cool white, warm white and daylight are the most popular to offer superior lighting exposure. We offer a selection of these colours in different watt outputs and alternative sizes to fit the dimensions of your space.


Why is LED lighting better than standard incandescent bulbs?

Not only are LED lighting solutions much more energy efficient and cost effective, they deliver a better quality of light making them the superior choice.

What are LED integrated lighting panels used for?

LED panels are most commonly used in offices and workspaces that require constant light exposure and any environment that needs a high-quality and high-visibility light output over a long period of time. However, the LED ceiling lights are not restricted to office use and can be used in whatever space wants and needs superior lighting that is long-lasting and sustainable.