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R-Kem II Anchor Resin Cartridge System

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A high performance, styrene-free system that is suitable for use in concrete, and other solid or hollow masonry structures. This makes it ideal for applications where conventional expansion anchors present problems. Suitable for fixing into concrete, brickwork, blockwork and stone. Equally suited to solid and hollow substrates. Suitable for overhead applications (with care). Fits a standard mastic gun. Styrene free and suitable for use in confined spaces.

Features and Benefits
• Allows you to quickly secure fasteners with speed and accuracy
• Can be used to bond almost all materials in medium load capacities
• Simple alternative for situations where mechanical anchors are not suitable for the task at hand
• Patented self opening system allows the product to be used on both manual and pneumatic guns and ensures you apply the correct dose each time
• Suitable for multiple applications, the nozzle simply needs to be replaced for every new application
• Available in two sizes to suit your requirements

Typical Applications
• Construction

• ETA-12/0394
• ETA-12/0528