Hose Clips

Browse our comprehensive range of hose clips online. Here at Cromwell, we stock a large collection of hose clip types, including mini clips, quick release, and twin ear styles so you can find just what you need for the job. Choose from well-known brands, like Jubilee®, JCS®, Johnson Matthey®, and our own brand, Matlock®.

What are hose clips?

Also called a hose clamp or jubilee clip, hose clips fall under the category of fasteners and are designed to fit around and secure the end of a hose to a connection and prevent any leaking. They feature a tightening mechanism called a captive screw, which pulls the threads tightly around the hose and holds the connection in place.

Why buy hose clips?

Hose clips ensure a secure fitting between a hose and an attachment. When moving fluid between a hose and other components, the security of this attachment can be of the utmost importance, especially in aerospace and engineering industries.

When are hose clips used?

Hose clips are widely used in plumbing and automotive applications, and in aerospace and engineering industries.

Hose clip types

Hose clips range in size and materials to be used in a variety of applications. However, there are three main types which are the most frequently used...

Plastic hose clips   -   Sometimes called a snap grip, these hose clips are made of durable nylon and are a reusable option. They're connected using a pinch method with two sets of interlocking teeth on either side.

T-bolt hose clips   -   These hose clips are larger and stronger than the plastic variants and are often made from stainless steel. They're tightened using a nut and bolt system, where a bolt is inserted once the clip is in place and secured with a bolt underneath the fixing.

Worm-drive hose clips   -   Lightweight, but durable corrugated cardboard is used for most packaging boxes to provide a parcel's first layer of defence against impact.

Considerations when choosing hose clips

Hose diameter - when you measure this, ensure you do so with the fitting attached to the hose to ensure an accurate measurement.

Clip range - choose a clip which has an adjustment range that covers your hose diameter

Strength - depending on the application, choose your material based on the strength of the fastening you'll require. Plastic hose clips can be used for domestic and lightweight applications, while the metal variants offer a stronger grip.

Hose clip jargon buster

To keep you up to date on quality standards for your frequent buys, we've outlined an associated quality standard...

What does BS EN 4234:2020 mean?

This quality standard is entitled Aerospace series. Clamps, worm drive. Dimensions, masses, and outlines the specific characteristics required for worm drive type hose clips in aerospace applications.

It's published as guidance for manufacturers and other users of this type of hose clip to ensure consistent quality in the manufacture and use of this fastener. This in turn will produce reliable aeroplane construction and safer passengers.

Let's break it down...

• BS - The British Standards Institute produces and maintains British quality and safety standards.

• EN - An abbreviation of European Norm, this highlights the adoption of this standard into European law.

• 4234 - This is the standard's legislation number.

• 2020 - This standard was published on 31st July 2020.


Do hose clips loosen over time?

This can happen when the clip is subjected to vibrations and impact. It's good practice to check fastenings and retighten occasionally to ensure the security of the hold.

How tightly should I secure my hose clip?

When tightening a hose clip, you shouldn't overexert the bolt or fastening. Tighten until there's a modest indentation in the hose and no more.