Rivet Nuts

Rivet nuts also known as blind rivets are an expanding threaded sleeve nut that is inserted into pre-drilled holes to permanently attach and fix in place. They are reliable, resilient and quick to use. Cromwell stocks a selection of rivets in a range of lengths, drill sizes and diameters from supplier Qualfast.

Why rivet nuts?

Rivet nuts are a permanent mechanical type of fastener that are highly versatile and can be used in a range of materials that include plastic, metal, carbon fibre and fibreglass. Due to their lightweight strong design, they are a popular choice of fixing within a huge number of applications in automotive and manufacturing assembly lines.

Rivet nut types

There are two basic main types of rivet nut:
Open-end  -   This style allows the bolt to protrude through the rivet nut without any obstruction, or any need for a closed end type.
Closed-end  -   Closed style end type are perfect for when you need a sealed end. This provides an effective solution for the ingress of water.


Where are rivet nuts mainly used?
Rivet nuts are mostly used in a materials with thinner gauges where there is no access to the back side for a nut.