Wall Plugs

Wall plugs are designed to help support fastenings like screws when mounting objects on walling etc. Cromwell stock a wide range of wall plugs from brands like Rawlplug and Qualfast, so you'll be sure to find the right type of plug for your needs.

What are wall plugs?

Wall plugs are needed whenever you want to mount items like shelving onto walls, a fastener like a screw alone will not be able to secure hold the item in place which could result it the item detaching from the wall, stripping the hole and the plasterboard with it. A wall plug fits into the pilot hole drilled into the wall and expands when the screw is inserted into it flaring out and gripping securely without damaging your walls.

Types of wall plug

Universal - these ore the most common type of wall plug and are typically made of nylon and/or plastic. Once inserted into the wall they expand with the insertion of the screw to securely anchor themselves in the wall.

Hammer fixings - These are designed to mount lightweight fixing on plasterboard like picture frames. They come with a steel screw to match the size of the fixing.

Heavy duty anchor plugs - A heavy duty anchor fixing is designed to take the weight of heavy loads.

Toggle plugs - These are used to mount items to hollow walling. Once pushed through the wings in the plug expand anchoring the plug in place. They are not recommended for mounting any items of weight.

Considerations when choosing a wall plug

The weight and size of the object(s) being mounted - This is perhaps the most key consideration as this will depend on what type of plug you will need. For instance mounting a TV bracket to a wall will require a heavy duty plug as the weight of the unit will be too much for standard plugs to take.

The size of the plug - This should match the sizer of the drill bit used to drill the pilot hole. Too small and the plug will not expand efficiently to remain anchored in the wall, too big and the plug will not fit flush to the wall which could affect the weightbearing capabilities.


*What is a rawlplug?

Wallplugs are often referred to as rawlplugs, however the term Rawlplug is a brand name, much like Velcro or Hoover that has become synonymous with the item they make.