Paint Roller Sleeves

Paint roller sleeves are designed to apply paint to surfaces without quickly and evenly, without the need for brushes. Cromwell stock a wide range of paint roller sleeves to suit a variety of surfaces.

What are paint roller sleeves?

Paint roller sleeves are essentially the business end of a paint roller that applies paint to the surface. They come in a range of sizes and thicknesses, as well as a range of pile lengths, known as naps.

Why paint roller sleeves?

Paint roller sleeves are an effective way to spread paint over a surface, especially surfaces with a large surface area like walls. They have a tendency to distribute paint more evenly for a better looking finish than brushes, which can be prone to leaving brush strokes. They also allow for a more efficient use of paint.

Types of paint roller sleeves

There are several types of paint roller sleeve available. Below we have outlined the most common types.

• Foam sleeves - These types of sleeves work best when applying emulsion onto smooth walls or plaster.

• Short pile sleeves - Designed for general-purpose use short pile sleeves are suitable for most paint types and surfaces. They are however limited on more textured surfaces.

• Long pile sleeves - Designed for use on textured walls and surfaces. The longer pile allows the paint to get into smaller nooks and crannies.

• Synthetic fibre sleeves - Works well with oil based paints like glosses they excel at getting good coverage on flat surfaces.

• Wool sleeves - Wool sleeves are great for working with emulsion paints.

Considerations when choosing a paint roller sleeve

Whilst seeming simple in nature choosing a paint roller sleeve can be more demanding than you'd think. Below are a couple of key considerations to take into account.

• The pile of the roller sleeve - The pile of the sleeve determines not only what surfaces you can paint but the finish that you will get out of the type of paint you'll be working with.

• The size of the roller - Rollers come in a variety of sizes, so getting the roller sleeve that fits your roller is paramount.


What is the nap of a roller sleeve?

Nap is used to describe the length of the pile. Long pile sleeves soak up more paint and are therefore better at achieving an even finish on uneven and textured surfaces, whereas short pile sleeves soak up less and therefore distribute paint more evenly across smooth surfaces.

How many times can you use a paint roller sleeve?

On average you can use a paint roller sleeve up to five cycles before it will need replacing, providing it is cleaned after use and well maintained.